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Aurora is your very own dream assistant. It tracks REM to enable lucid dreaming, helping remember and control more dreams.

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Experience Mother Nature's Greatest Virtual Reality Simulator with Lucid Dreaming

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming


Greater clarity and focus plus better problem solving.


Experience impossible fantasies with greater dream control.


Improved dream recall helps you remember tomorrow's creations.


Improve waking performance by practicing during dreams.


Overcome challenges and dispel nightmares.

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What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming, or self-awareness during a dream, enables the ability to mindfully alter the content and narrative of your dreams.

During normal dreams, your prefrontal cortex, or our executive decision-making center, is heavily deactivated. During mindful or lucid dreams it is more activated, providing greater executive control within the only V.R. simulator that truly engages all of your senses.

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How to Have a Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming can be learned by following 3 easy steps.

1. Reality Checks

Reality checks expose the dreaming state. Make a habit of flicking a light switch constantly throughout the day. Since we generally can not control light levels in our dreams, the test will eventually fail and you will know you are dreaming! Aurora take the guesswork out of reality checks using advanced sleep tracking techniques and patent-pending light patterns.

2. Dream Recall

Use your first waking minutes to remember your dreams. Just lie still, eyes closed and remember everything you can about them. Then, moving as little as possible, write it all down immediately, even the details that seem unimportant. The free iwinks app helps you record your dreams with minimal disruption using your voice. Developing dream recall is essential to experiencing regular lucid dreams.

3. Be Mindful

Once you become lucid, it is important to stabilize your dreams. First, take a deep breath - don’t let the excitement wake you. Then anchor the dream by engaging your senses within the dream environment - try rubbing your hands together to focus. Finally, summon new exciting environments and dream characters and explore your subconscious at will! Your potential awaits.

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