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Learn more about your sleep performance with cutting-edge brainwave insights and metrics. Aurora Dreamband helps you rediscover the crucial phases of your sleep that repair your body, refresh your memory, and recharge your mind for greater clarity and focus. Make your dreams a reality by getting the full benefits of sleep.

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Logging your sleep metrics contributes to a global pool of anonymous data that can inform a larger picture of sleep and dream health. By working together, we can chart the limits of our resting minds, and uncover the secrets of the great mystery of sleep.

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Dedicated to improving sleep health.

In only the last 2 decades, there has been an explosion in sleep enhancement research. Our founders met as engineering students and quickly identified a void in the consumer market where this research could thrive. Expertise in engineering, neuroscience, machine learning and business led to a grand vision, and iWinks became the manifestation of that dream.

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